Creating a new template with Sidemail's template editor

Create new template

Go to the project detail > Templates and click the "Create template" button.

Create a template name and a default subject line. Template name is for internal use only – your users won't see it. Default subject line can be overwritten when making a send email API request.

Template editor elements

When building a new template, you can work with four elements. All changes are instantly visible on the right side of your screen as an email preview.

Currently, there's no option to reorder elements. If you need to reorder an element, you'll need to remove all elements which comes after it and then add them again.


Text is one of the essential elements you can use while creating an email template. You have a few options on how to format a text element:

  • Style: title, standard and muted. To give your message a visual hierarchy.

  • Spacing: none, small, default, extra. To make a negative space in your email. Works like a margin-bottom.

  • Align: left, center, right

Text element works similarly as a <div> or <p> - if you want to make two paragraphs, separate the text into two text fields.


Wrap your link to a good looking button. Usable for sign in, email verification, upgrading plan, password reset, etc. Formatting options for a button:

  • Spacing: none, small, default, extra

  • Align: left, center, right

You should always include HTTP or HTTPS in the URL otherwise buttons viewed in clients like Outlook won't be clickable. Outlook displays URLs without a protocol in [] brackets.


Organize thoughts into a well-arranged list. Simply add one list item by another. Formatting options for a button:

  • Spacing: none, small, default, extra


A table element is essential for sending a receipt to your users.

  1. Select the number of columns

  2. Choose the size of the table's bottom spacing

  3. Create labels for each header cell

  4. Fill in body cells data