Frequently asked questions about using Sidemail and its API, sending emails, etc.

What is a project and how should I work with them?

Projects help you be more organized. Each project has its own template design, API keys, and settings. Learn how to create a new project.

May I add pictures to an email template?

Currently, it's not possible to add pictures into an email template via template editor. But, you can always create a custom email in order to send emails with pictures. Learn about sending custom emails.

Where can I find a template ID?

Go to the Templates page in your project and click on the template to open the Template detail. There, you'll find all template details, including a template ID.

How can I tell what variables a template uses?

Go to the Templates page in your project and click on the template to open the Template detail. There, you'll find all template details, including which variables are used.

How can I define variables in my email?

Yes, you can use variables in your email which allows you to put in dynamic data like dates or URLs. Visit the working with variables section to learn more.

What is an email preheader and where can I edit it?

A preheader is a summary text of your email. It follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. You can edit it in template editor after clicking the "Template settings" button.

TIP: The length of preheader varies among email clients and devices; however, most email clients display between 85 to 100 characters. It’s not required to create a preheader but strongly recommended - it can save you some misunderstandings and email complaints.

How can I reorder template elements in the editor?

Unfortunately, at the moment you can't. Improving the template editor is one of our top priorities. If you have any suggestions, please, let us know.

How do I delete a template?

Unfortunately, at the moment you can't. The a workaround is to remove all elements and start over like you would with a brand new template.

How do I rename a template?

Unfortunately, at the moment you can't. If you need to change a name of your templates, you can contact us and we'll manually change it for you.

Are email templates mobile responsive?

Yes! To see how your email template will look like on a mobile device select mobile view in the template editor (look for a smartphone icon in the top-right corner above email preview).

Can I send emails with SMTP?

Sidemail only supports sending emails with API and does not support SMTP. Sidemail API has several benefits over SMTP and integration is really simple. Learn how to send emails with Sidemail's API.

What happens if I reach my monthly sending limit?

If you're on the PRO plan and you run out of monthly sending limit, you'll be charged a special rate for each email you send. You can find this special rate in the billing section in the settings. You can adjust your monthly sending limit anytime and you'll be charged prorated amount. For example, if your PRO plan costs $15 and you need to upgrade to a $20 PRO plan, you'll be charged $5 immediately and $20 in the next billing cycle.

If you're on the FREE plan and you reach the monthly sending limit, you won't be able to send additional emails until your sending limit resets or you upgrade to the PRO plan.

In both cases, you'll be notified via email when you reach 90% of your monthly sending limit and 100%.

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