Sidemail API is a REST-style API that uses JSON for serialization. If you're looking to integrate your application with Sidemail, you've come to the right place. This quick overview will get you up and running in no time.

About this API

All API URLs start with https://api.sidemail.io/v1/. Only HTTPS is supported. This API is using JSON. It means that you have to send the Content-Type header Content-Type: application/json when making a POST or PUT HTTP request.

Before you can start sending

Make sure you've verified an email address that you'll be using as a sender address fromAddress: "verified@domain.com". You can manage your sending identities (email address or domain) in project settings. Before you successfully verify an email address or a domain, you can't send emails with Sidemail.

Authenticating API calls

When using a Sidemail's API, you'll need to authenticate your API calls with an API key. Sidemail automatically generates the API keys for you. You can get your API key in the project API page. All API keys are unique for each of your project.

To authenticate your API call, you'll need to send the Authorization header with the type Bearer followed by your API key.

"Authorization": "Bearer xxxxx"

Replace the "xxxxx" with your actual API key.

If you're writing your application in Node.js, you can use Sidemail's JavaScript SDK library that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Sending your first email

After you've verified an email address and got your API key, you can start sending emails from your application.